Do you want to cycle in Malvern?

PLEASE GO TO CYCLEMALVERN.UK FOR THE CURRENT ‘LIVE’ WEBSITE (from Dec. 2020). These pages will stay here for now, but aren’t being updated.

The Malvern Hills may be a prominent part of the area, but for most of Malvern you don’t need well-developed thigh muscles to get about by bike. No shame in pushing up Church Street if you haven’t got an electric assistant!

With the increase in cycling as an everyday activity and the bike’s role as a healthy way to go green, Cycle Malvern wants to see action to meet the needs of all bike users and to encourage more. More facilities such as bike racks and cycle routes, projects to improve cycling to school and work, courses to help with basic maintenance and road skills. There is now a range of options to help almost anyone go more or less self-powered, at least some of the time, from young to old, the fit to the rather inactive.

Join us!

If you want to join us in pushing for improvements locally, sign up for the Cycle Malvern group on Facebook or use the contact form on our About page. Why not follow us on Twitter, where you can keep an eye on the latest News pieces too?

As well as the main menu pages on key topics, this website also has a bunch of useful web links, plus a Glossary. Newly added is a ‘Skills and Safety’ section, for anything which could support local cyclists that doesn’t fall under “racks and routes”! Help with getting action on these issues especially welcome.

New to cycling locally?

For those new to using a bicycle* locally, some pointers:

  • There isn’t much in the way of cycle paths or lanes in the Malvern area. For what there is, along with some possibilities for connections to elsewhere in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, see the Routes page. We do a bit better on cycle parking (bike racks), although some aren’t obvious.
  • For cycle shops – buying kit, repairs etc – MalvernTrail has a full list. If you want to get into cycling as a sport or for social rides, that web page also covers local groups.
  • Also see MalvernTrail for ideas on sorting out a leisure ride for yourself. Or the round up of local sponsored rides and other events.

* Not just for users of your basic ‘bicycle’ of course – tricycles, recumbents, hand-cycles …