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To make it easier for the (relative) newcomer to cycling in Malvern to find useful information on this site, here are a few pointers.

  • There isn’t much in the way of cycle paths or lanes in the area, but for what there is (and some possibilities), see Routes. We do slightly better on cycle parking/racks, but this can be tucked away – see the Resources page.
  • For cycle shops – buying kit, repairs etc – MalvernTrail has a full list. This also covers local cycling groups, for those who want to get into this as a sport or for leisure
  • Check the Helpful Links on the More page for useful sites on starting out, the legalities, getting a bike, maintenance tips. and much more.
  • See MalvernTrail for ideas on sorting out a ride for yourself.
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Cycling on the increase in Worcester

Good news in Worcester. ‘Fewer motorists and more cycles in the city‘ is the headline from Worcester News online. The government and county council backed sustainable travel towns project has seen a 13 per cent increase in walking trips and 30 per cent for cycling, while car trips went down.

And that’s before the Diglis bridge opens for business – due in July. I’ve read that the towpath upgrades have just been completed*. Anyone go that way and can report?

* Update on towpath – it is only one section that has been completed so far. See Worcester News article.

Plotting cycle routes in Worcester

The national travel planning site Transport Direct now has a limited Find a Cycle Route facility alongside its more robust (and really quite useful) public transport planner.

Worcester is one area it claims to cover. No go trying to get it to produce a route to Malvern, but seems to work well for the city itself. You can choose from Quickest or Quietest, and in my test (St Johns to St Peters) this did produce very different results, as it should. Download the GPX files for your on-bike GPS device – that requires a right-click which isn’t mentioned but can’t complain really.

Worth checking if it covers where you want to go, and hopefully it will expand soon.

Action on Science Park cycle route

Revised route

Click on image to see much larger version

The Science Park cycle route, funded from science park expansion money, is gradually getting there. The image to the left shows the revised plans.

Some more details are on the Worcs County Council website. Note that the on-road sections of Science Park cycle route will be marked with on-road cycle symbols, strategically placed to miss parked cars (!), while the walk/cycle route marked in red to Great Malvern station includes widening of the footpath alongside Qinetiq to allow for shared use.

Comments welcome, but it seems this will be done by financial year end (31st March) anyway. One of teh short off-road sections, at Edith Berry Court, has already been done, linking two bits of estate road for cycle use so avoiding the busy Pickersleigh Road.

News on cycle developments at last

One of the reasons that this website has had no new items for ages is that there hasn’t been any news of the cycle facilities which had been floating around spring 2008. This month, there’s news!

Diglis Bridge, Worcester

Taken from Worcester County Council page: “15th September 2009: Planning Permission has been granted for the Diglis bridge and construction will begin in November 2009. The bridge is due for completion by summer 2010.”

Cyclists from Malvern still have to deal with getting through Powick to get there, but could be a useful way into the city.

Cycle path extension from Townsend Way

Part of the North Site (Malvern Vale) spin-offs, initial information has appeared on upgrading of paths from the side of Morrisons and across Worcester Road. Formal consultation to follow.

The Very Slow Bicycle Movement

Yes, nothing much happening here at the moment. But things could change soon – do get in touch if you are interested in cycling as a means of getting around the Malvern area, to go to work, to school, the shops, or whatever.

If you’re interested in leisure rides, see MalvernTrail, which also has some basic details on sports cycling groups locally.

Folders to the fore

The Folding Society, for those interested in folding cycles, organisesĀ  ‘Origami Rides’ around the Midlands. Local cyclists might like to note that July 12th sees their ride start from Great Malvern rail station, 10.30am. Then on September 13th they set off from Ledbury. Rides are relatively short – about 25 miles?

Check the Origami web page for more details.

Its cycle time

I shouldn’t really knock the Bike Week post off top spot before the Sunday ride has happened (wind, rain and Acorns half marathon permitting), but I want to post this before I lose it.

From The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog:

“As with all good, timely ideas, the [Slow Food] concept has really taken off. Inevitably, the concept of Slow has spawned other offshoots.. …
“So why not start a bicycle-friendly version of the movement?
The Slow Bike Movement – no, make that the Slow BICYCLE movement – the very word ‘bike’ is a speeded up version of the original.”

It’s about taking time to appreciate the world.

The logo reminds me of ‘Is the Bicycle a revolution or part of the natural cycle’ for some reason – see Resources page (I hope).

Slow Bike Movement logo

Slow Bike Movement logo