Useful links

Don’t miss our Facebook group page – new members welcome.

There’s also a stab at a Cycle Malvern Glossary on this website.


MalvernTrail for bike shops, hire and cycling groups and cycling events.

Electric Bike loan scheme info from Transition Malvern Hills.

Transition Malvern Hills – practical local action to tackle climate change and build a sustainable community.

Bike Worcester “a local multi-organisational group that’s been set up specifically to identify actions that can be taken to make it easier and safer for more people to cycle around the City”.

Ledbury Area Cycle Forum and their associated Come Cycling Ledbury site.

Clean Air Cheltenham.

Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Cycle Campaign, and their Twitter feed.

Official links

Pothole reporting:

Malvern Town Council

Malvern Hills District Council

Worcestershire County Council cycling and walking web pages.

Herefordshire Council cycling pages.

Highway Code for cyclists.

Mileage rates for tax purposes, if you are paid to cycle on work business.

Cycling development

The government’s ‘Gear Change’ cycling and walking plan for England, launched July 2020, is a key document – “a vision for a travel revolution in England’s streets, towns and communities.”

The connected Local Transport Note (LTN) 1/20, Cycle Infrastructure Design, also July 2020 is important when discussing any new facility. For an overview of the approach in this guide, see a presentation to York Cycle Campaign by one of the authors, available on YouTube – unfortunately the slides don’t always move along in step with the speaker, and for the first half minute the screen is largely blank, but otherwise it’s good.

Published November 2020, Commons Library research briefing for MPs on active travel: Cycling, walking and mobility: FAQs for 2020.

Urban Design Group’s ‘Street Design Standards‘.

Cambridge Cycle Campaign has a useful section on cycle parking. Note that LTN 1/20 (above) also has a whole section on cycle parking.

Propensity to Cycle Tool – Herefordshire and Worcestershire map (fascinating use of data).


Bikeability The government approved cycle training programme. “It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads.”

Bike Week

CycleScheme Information on getting tax-free, and low cost, bikes through employers.

Cycling UK (previously CTC). A national body for cyclists of all types.

British Cycling A more sports focused national body, but also promoting day-to-day cycling. Plus things like their Ready Set Ride resources – free, quick and easy games to help you teach your child how to pedal.


Urban Transport Group active travel resources web pages are worth a look.

Campaigns and action

Campaign for Better Transport.

Living Streets Charity that campaigns to create better streets and public spaces for people on foot. Website has a Safer Routes to School section.

Mums for Lungs.

I pay road tax Ironically named website debunking the idea that cyclists don’t pay their share. Vehicle Excise Duty (‘car tax’) is now a pollution tax, since it’s based on the size of engine and its emissions – BBC News article.

Cycling Fallacies Another website busting those myths!

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