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Helpful Links

CycleScheme Information on getting tax-free, and low cost, bikes through employers.

Mileage rates for tax purposes, if you are paid to cycle on work business.

Why Cycle Useful  information for those starting out, including practical advice.

Cycle Training UK This independent provider of on-road cycle training and cycle maintenance training in London also trains instructors around the country.

Life Cycle UK helps people take up cycling (based in Bristol).

Cycles for disabled people.

Pothole Reporting

ETA Cycle Rescue – an AA-style service for bikes.

Bike anatomy for beginners A video giving a run down of what parts of the bicycle are called (April 08).

Maintenance tips from London Cycling Campaign.

Highway Code for cyclists.

Cyclists’ Defence Fund “works to raise awareness of the law relating to cyclists”.

Leeds BUG Links page

UK Bike/Rail Page

More ‘Getting Started’ info links on MalvernTrail.

Also see Resources> Cycling Safety for links and tip.

Cycle Promotion

Starting a work-based Bicycle Users Group (as per Birmingham University).

Bicycology is a cyclists’ collective that offers a range of activities to promote cycling and make the links with wider issues of environmental and social responsibility.

Bikeability (launched March 2007) Cycling award scheme which aims at get children back on their bikes.

Bike It -Sustrans Helping more children cycle to school.

Bike To School week In 2010 26th to 30th April, around the time  that children go back to school after their Easter holidays.

Bike Week 2010: 19th to 27th June.

Celebrating Cycling The area of Lancaster and Morecambe is one of six ‘cycling demonstration’ towns in England.

Company of Cyclists A social enterprise promoting everything cycling, including ‘try a bike’ roadshows.

CTC, the national cyclists organisation, with a bit of a leisure/countryside focus, has a campaigns section on its website. Loads of information tucked away here, although may be a little dated e.g. list of reference documents for cycle-friendly infrastructure (although DfT consultation link is out of date – see ours under Policy & Research below). NB Cyclists’ Touring Club is the full name, but de-emphasised given its wider remit.

Cycle Campaign Network.

Cycle Hero – you don’t have to be a superhero to help save the planet. CTC’s promo on cycling to tackle climate change.

Cycling England is an organisation of experts supported by the government “to deliver programmes that encourage more people to cycle more safely and more often”. NOTE The following links are out of date after a website redesign. The Scheme of the Month gives a rundown of an interesting real-life example. Its Valuing the benefits of cycling report (pdf, 533kb, Sept 07) is discussed in this Guardian article – a £70m annual investment in cycling initiatives by the government could cut up to 54 million car journeys a year by 2012 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35,000 tonnes, as well as bringing health benefits (and so NHS savings). Cycling and health – what’s the evidence (pdf, 3.62MB).

DIY Streets A pilot project from Sustrans “helps residents to re-design their own streets affordably, putting people at their heart, and making them safer and more attractive places to live”. there’s also a pocket guide available

European Cyclists Federation.

Global Alliance for EcoMobility A cross-sectoral partnership for the integrated promotion of walking, cycling, wheeling and use of public transport to improve health and the urban environment, to mitigate global climate change.

In Town Without My Car (Car Free Day), an established event, is now part of European Mobility Week (2008: 16-22 September).

London Cycling Campaign for everything about promoting urban cycling.

National Bike Week is in June each year. 2009: 13th – 21st.

Otesha Project Promoting sustainable living with a summer cycle touring event.

Safe Routes to School is a Sustrans project.

Local links

And ‘official’ links:

Local Cycle Campaigns

More Cycle Campaigns

around the country.

Also see CCN’s group list.

Gloucester City Council’s cycling and walking page.

More and more

Hereford Pedicabs Cycle taxi service, cargo delivery, recycling collection in the city.

PediAds does cycle-based advertising in and around Worcester.

One Less Van Bikes and trailers for delivery/cargo work (a Blogspot site).

Handcycling Association.

Local Authority Cycling Association for council cycling officers and the like.

Cycle Photo

Policy and Research

Commission for Integrated Transport – an independent body advising the Government.

CROW Dutch independent national information and technology platform for infrastructure, traffic, transport and public space.

Department for Transport Cycling page “Strategies for promoting cycling as an alternative form of transport for local journeys.” DfT Cycling policy overview. Archived consultation documents Local Transport Notes on Walking and Cycling; Cycling infrastructure design (pdf, 3.2MB).

Greenways and Quiet Lanes Information (from Natural England) on creating traffic-free, off-road routes and making minor rural roads more attractive for those who wish to walk, cycle and horse ride along them.

Manual for Streets This is official guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, and modifications to existing ones. Summary also available, Dec 07.

Steve Melia’s Research on carfree development, ‘filtered permeability’.

Twenty’s plenty for us, arguing for 20mph in residential areas.

Talking about Cycling

See Write Around page on MalvernTrail.


Campaign for Better Transport Was Transport 2000.

Roadpeace Trying to reduce the carnage on the roads.

Roadwitch A different approach to reclaiming the streets.

Living Streets Charity that campaigns to create better streets and public spaces for people on foot.

Walking Bus Getting to school without a car.

International Charter for Walking

Old Material for fun

Here’s some stuff from my early days of cycle campaigning, when I was a Sowf Londern yoof.

A guide to cycling in borough of Greenwich, 1975, by Greenwich Friends of the Earth

Cycling Meantime

Press release for Albert Gate direct action by LCC, 1978

Albert Gate direction action

First London to Brighton bike ride poster, 1st May 1976 (the route changed somewhat after this!)

natural cycle

Is the bike a vehicle of revolution? This has been around since at least the mid-70s. Anyone claim credit?

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