Cycle parking

More security for bikes

The need for visibility and security in cycle parking has increased with the growth of electric bicycles, due to their cost and also possibility of battery theft. Visibility helps with security, also making the racks (or hoop or whatever) easy to find and for cyclists not to feel they are being hidden away on purpose.

Do you have suggestions for improvements, new facilities to encourage/improve cycling, etc? Get in touch.

Racks around Malvern

Info originally collected in a quick survey in 2008 (to inform the county council’s local Walking and Cycling Map). Now being updated autumn 2020 (in response to a Transition Malvern Hills Eco Chat and government policy).

Open Street Map should indicate most cycle racks in the area, although you may have to zoom in – or try the cycle layer where they appear as blue squares. The cycle layer also shows cycle shops (yellow square with bike logo).

Photos of some of these are on Flickr (along with the odd local cycle route): Cycle facilities in Malvern. See the individual photo for description.

Malvern Link

  • Malvern Link rail station. On Hereford (ticket office) platform: capacity 18, gutter type, covered – just beyond the foot bridge. Worcester/London platform: capacity 7, Sheffield stand type, attached to waiting room.
  • Community Hospital, Worcester Road. Sadly 14 racks only produce 12 spaces as the rear row is unusable, covered, far side of car park.
  • Worcester Road near pedestrian lights, in between Wool Shack and St Richards Hospice bookshop. Capacity 4 at a stretch, Sheffield stand variant – placed too close to planters for full use.
  • Corner of Worcester Road/Richmond Road (Platinum estate agents). Capacity 4, Sheffield stand type, placed too close to planters for full use and often blocked by parked cars.
Rubbish racks
Worcester Road/Richmond Road
  • Co-op supermarket, Worcester Road. Capacity 10, Sheffield racks, near store entrance – access via lobby from Worcester Road or via car park at rear.
  • Lidl supermarket, Worcester Road. Wheel holder type by store entrance – at Oct. 2020 these have either disappeared or been buried under trolleys etc.
  • B&Q, Spring Lane. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks, covered but not bolted to the ground.
  • Malvern Shopping Park – no info on the website. However:
    • Morrisons supermarket. Capacity up to 18, Sheffield stand type, but a little close together for full use?
    • Halfords. Capacity 8, Sheffield racks.
  • Whiteacres Medical Centre, Maple Road – to be checked.
  • Victoria Park, Pickersleigh Road, car park near Victoria Park Road. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks.
Malvern Link Co-op stands
Co-op, Malvern Link

Great Malvern

  • Waitrose supermarket, Edith Walk, car park side of store. Capacity 12 when not shared with motorbikes, Sheffield racks under cover.
  • Library, Graham Road. Capacity 6, Sheffield racks.
  • Rear of public car park, Grange Road (between Connells estate agents and Coach House theatre). Capacity 12, Sheffield racks. Nearest cycle parking to theatre. Sign claims CCTV coverage but not sure this is accurate.
  • The Splash leisure centre, Priory Road. Capacity 5, wheelholders, one unfixed at Dec ’07 (needs rechecking 2020).
  • Sling Lane Playing Fields?
  • Youth Centre, Albert Road North. Capacity 6 at a squeeze, small Sheffield racks.
  • Malvern Hills College, Albert Road North. Nothing? There is space for several racks.
  • Manor Park Sports Club. Rather squashed rack, capacity 2?
  • Great Malvern rail station, Imperial Road. Capacity 8, covered Sheffield racks, plus 6 cycle lockers.
  • Prospect View Health Centre, Pickersleigh Road. Eight Sheffield rack variants.
  • Malvern Evangelical Church, Pickerseligh Road – info to be added.
Facilities at the station

Barnards Green

Nothing known. Several possible places for racks, plus see comment below.

Malvern Wells


West Malvern


On the Hills

See MalvernTrail for info.

Schools info

From The Chase School Travel Plan 2008:

  • Bike bar at front of school, which holds approximately 60 bicycles.
  • Bike shelter next to Astroturf which holds up to 40 bicycles.
  • Lockers for helmets.

Work places

Little knowledge of current facilities around the various business centres. Definitely something which ought to be included in any review of local provision. Places to consider include, at autumn 2020:

There are racks at Qinetiq.

Wyche Innovation Centre/Geo Centre has a set of 6 racks at the cafe entrance (a bit obstructed at autumn 2020, partly due to covid arrangements?), and another 6 tucked away in the corner with the compost bins.

Also see

Not quite getting there Cycle parking at Worcestershire Parkway.

2 thoughts on “Cycle parking

  1. Many years ago there used to be bike racks behind Malvern Hills College, out of sight.
    There aren’t any bike racks in Barnards Green, but it easy to lock a bike to the sign or a rail in the car park.

    1. Having now looked at the Barnards Green car park (corner of Geraldine Road), it would be difficult to use the railings during gritting season, as access to the grit bin would be blocked. (I’m assuming the bin is actually used for that purpose!)

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