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Local facilities and resources

  • Cycle Rack Audit


Sponsored and other regular cycle rides now on Rides page. ‘Old Material for fun’ now on More page.

Cycle shops and hire – see MalvernTrail.

Info on Development of cycle routes in and out of town are  under Projects page.

Cycling safety page. As and when interesting and/or practical stuff appears.

Cycle Rack Audit

This quick audit of cycle parking in the area was done to improve the county council’s Walking and Cycling Map for Malvern, being reprinted for March 2008. (Unfortunately we think the map overall is not actually that helpful for cyclists. particularly the less experienced) .

See Projects page for cycle parking developments.

‘Right click’ on link to download GPX file of cycle racks from MalvernTrail. Note: the numbers shown there and here indicate maximum capacity.

Malvern Link

  • Malvern Link rail station. Capacity 20, gutter type, covered.
  • Outside ‘Top Banana’ hairdressers, Worcester Road. Capacity 4, Sheffield stand type, placed too close to planters for full use.
  • Outside previous Barclays Bank (corner Worcester Road/Richmond Road). Capacity 4, Sheffield stand type, placed too close to planters for full use and usually blocked by parked cars.
  • Co-op supermarket, Worcester Road. Capacity 10, Sheffield racks, near store entrance (via lobby from Worcester Road).
  • Lidl supermarket, Worcester Road. 9 wheel holder type by store entrance.
  • Focus DIY, Spring Lane. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks, covered but unbolted.
  • Morrisons supermarket, Roman Way retail park. Capacity 4 to 6, Sheffield stand type, near entrance. Insufficient as other barriers around trolley space used too (at 29/12/07).
  • Halfords, Roman Way retail park. Capacity 8, Sheffield racks, displaced (partly due to building works), unbolted and only partly usable.
  • Victoria Park, Pickersleigh Road, car park near Victoria Park Road. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks.

Great Malvern

  • Waitrose supermarket, Edith Walk, car park side of store. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks under cover.
  • Library, Graham Road. Capacity 6, Sheffield racks.
  • Public car park, Grange Road (between Connells and Citizens Advice), at rear. Capacity 12, Sheffield racks. Nearest cycle parking to theatre.
  • The Splash leisure centre, Priory Road. Capacity 5, wheelholders, one unfixed at Dec 07.
  • Youth Centre, Albert Road North. Capacity 6, small Sheffield racks.
  • Malvern Hills College, Albert Road North. Nothing? There is space for several racks.
  • Great Malvern rail station, Imperial Road. Capacity 8 Sheffield racks, covered, plus 6 cycle lockers.
  • Propsect View Health Centre, Pickersleigh Road. About 8 Sheffield racks.

Barnards Green

Nothing known. Several possible places for racks.

Malvern Wells


West Malvern


On the Hills

See MalvernTrail for info.


Photos of some of the above on Flickr – Cycle facilities in Malvern.

Schools info

From The Chase School Travel Plan:

  • Bike bar at front of school, which holds approximately 60 bicycles.
  • Bike shelter next to Astroturf which holds up to 40 bicycles.
  • Lockers for helmets.

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