If you want to find out about routes to ride on the Hills or other leisure trails, see MalvernTrail.

Cycle Paths

There are two cycle paths in Malvern:

  • Across Link Common from the railway station to Pickersleigh Road. The gravel surface going through the trees area has been improved Sept 09, so hopefully no more flooding during the winter.
  • Alongside Townsend Way/North End Lane. Rather spoilt by all the road junctions, with no priority for cyclists. Connection across Worcester Road as part of North Site development coming soonish?

You may see a cycle route marked on OS maps along St Andrews Road. This doesn’t exist.

Route Planning

Science Park/North End Lane

A Science Park cycle route is planned, which goes to The Chase secondary school too, linking with the North End Lane cycle path, going via Pound Bank Road and Geraldine Road (crossing the busy Barnards Green Road).

We are told that “the route will be marked using cycle symbols in the road, about 1.5 metres out from the kerb, so that they can be seen if vehicles are parked. Separate to the scheme, is a pelican crossing going in on Barnards Green Road between Geraldine Road and Pound Bank Road. This will assist cyclists in getting out at the junctions.”

Update 2009: The crossing has been implemented.

See our Google Map of the route, but note that it doesn’t include the second leg from North End Lane going via Elgar Avenue and then across a widened footpath to Langland Avenue.

The route is subject to change however, and has been delayed to 2008/09 financial year. See Projects page for current state of play.

Malvern Town Council had previously decided (autumn 06) not to assist with creating the cycle route from the Science Park to Townsend Way. It would have crossed Dukes Meadow, which is owned by the town council, and largely been just widening an existing tarmac (and lit) path.

North Site

Cycle paths are planned as part of North Site development, but whether they go anywhere useful/connect up remains to be seen.

Connect2 bridges

Both Hereford and Worcester are to get cycle/pedestrian bridge projects as part of a group of 79 Connect2 schemes put together by Sustrans which range across the country. This won the the People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway (December 07).

In Worcester, this will create a “Severn Bridge at Diglis Lock and Link to Powick”, which should then connect with a route to Malvern (NCN 46, below) at some point in the future.  Also see County Council web page on Diglis Bridge.

And in Hereford the bridge will connect next to Rotherwas sewage works, south east of the town centre.

National Cycle Network

Original proposals from Sustrans for National Cycle Network route 45 for the area (Worcester to Gloucester) have been changed, and this will now link Stourport , Droitwich, Worcester, Tewkesbury and Gloucester (not via Malvern and Upton).

NCN Route 46 from Abergavenny to Hereford is to be extended to go via Malvern and on to Worcester. See Projects page for current state of play.

Route 46 then goes to Droitwich and Bromsgrove and a section between Droitwich and Worcester (Pitchcroft) is already implemented. No information on the Sustrans web site last time we checked (Nov 07). Note: the odd bits of cycle route currently in Malvern were originally numbered 45 but will change to 46.

Sustrans route development page for Worcestershire. (There isn’t one for Herefordshire at present.)

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