If you want to find out about routes to ride on the Hills or other leisure trails, see MalvernTrail.

Cycle Paths

So far in Malvern:

  • A shared path crosses Link Common from the railway station to Pickersleigh Road. At summer 2020 this has shrunk to a narrow path in places, due to surface maintenance, so do be careful of passing pedestrians.
  • A separated track alongside Townsend Way/North End Lane. Rather spoilt by all the road junctions, with no priority for cyclists. There is now a connection across Worcester Road, near the Newland roundabout.
  • The North End Lane (western end) of the above is part of NCN Route 46, as below. This part of NCN46 extends largely on road via Orford Way, Sherrards Green Road and Pound Bank Road to near a pedestrian signalled crossing at Barnards Green, aiding crossing over to Geraldine Road, Chase School and the Science Park.

See Route Planning below for possible Malvern to Worcester connection.

Cycle and pedestrian bridges

Both Hereford and Worcester acquired cycle/pedestrian bridges as part of a group of 79 Connect2 Sustrans schemes (funded by the People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway, December 2007).

In Worcester, this is the “Severn Bridge at Diglis Lock and Link to Powick”. It should connect with a route to Malvern (NCN 46, below) at some point in the future. Diglis Bridge on Discover Worcestershire. Birmingham’s PushBikes explains why they think the bridge is a great facility.

In Hereford the Connect2 bridge crosses the River Wye from south east of the town centre to Rotherwas (near sewage works). It has a Facebook page! Also see Herefordshire Council’s cycle routes and paths web page.

National Cycle Network

See the Network on Ordnance Survey maps. Here’s the key for reference:

Key to NCN map

NCN Route 46 from Abergavenny to Hereford should be extended ultimately via Malvern and on to Worcester. Route 46 from Worcester to Droitwich and Bromsgrove is already on the map.

The bits of NCN cycle route currently in Malvern have been renumbered to 46, instead of route 45 – OS Maps link (if necessary, use the map layer button to select National Cycle Network).

Original proposals from Sustrans for National Cycle Network route 45 for the area (Worcester to Gloucester) have been changed, and will link Stourport , Droitwich, Worcester, Tewkesbury and Gloucester.

Route Planning

Malvern to Worcester

Ideas for a cycle route between Malvern and Worcester have been in discussion for many years. At 2020, a new pedestrian/cycle bridge at the A449 Malvern Road/ A4440 Hams Way roundabout near Powick begs the question of whether this might now go ahead in some form.

There is a small section of separated cycle path from the roundabout to the edge of Powick, which is of very limited use by itself.

Science Park/North End Lane

In 2007, Cycle Malvern was told that “the route will be marked using cycle symbols in the road, about 1.5 metres out from the kerb, so that they can be seen if vehicles are parked. Separate to the scheme, is a pelican crossing going in on Barnards Green Road between Geraldine Road and Pound Bank Road. This will assist cyclists in getting out at the junctions.”

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